Introducing Prophea.X, the most versatile software ecosphere for holistic, human-centered situation analysis.

Prophea data engine

One data engine –
infinite possibilities.

Destiquishly designed for intuitive, high-performance workflows, Prophea.X is based on three most powerful software pillars:

The Prophea data engine
enables synchronous real-time data acquisition of any data format while pushing connectivity up to a level of absolute compatibility.

The Prophea analysis module ecosphere
Combining human-focused eye tracking, motion, and emotion- analysis with environmental data such as gps locations, temperatures, speed, etc., Prophea.X enables most powerful multimodal data allocation for truly holistic, human-centered insight generation.

The Prophea AI applications
While real-time monitoring and human-to-human analysis keep the researcher in control, Prophea.X unleashes her full potential through cutting-edge AI implementations for image-based auto-analysis through object and pattern recognition as well as tracking of static or dynamic Areas of Interest (AOI)

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Prophea.X ecosphere

Our bundles – specific as your requirements

As distinct as every aspect of human insights, so diverse are their respective data tools. But what if that was a rule of the past? From the development and improvement of new products and technologies over human performance analysis and neuroscience up to research-based legislative decisions, human-centred data is the new central power source: Delivered by Prophea.X in one single platform. Discover the future spheres of unlimited flexibility and speed with Prophea.X!

Prophea.X features an infinitely extendable software architecture that perfectly bridges the needs of research and commercial applications based on human data recording and analysis! With the freedom to select master frequency and sychronization mechanisms, the Propheadata engine is designed for high-performance data processing, irrespective of data types or frequencies. ”With Propheadata engine, we enter an entirely new era of universal tools for unlimited, synchronous recording of any kind of sensor data. It´s a big thing not only for us, but the human research-centered IT world as a whole”, Dr. Roland Spies

Propheadata engine Lite
All analysis modules within the Prophea.X ecosphere are delivered with Propheadata engine Lite. It enables three input channels for synchronous recording: One sensor, specific for your analysis module, one USB- or webcam, and one microphone.

The Propheadata engine includes, by default, seven analysis-specific sensor inputs. Unlocking the full power of Prophea.X, Advanced Multi Sensor Packages are available in two options:

Propheadata engine extended
It is connectable with up to 20 sensor inputs.

Propheadata engine unlimited
For larger sensor-input requirements, is individually licensed up to an unlimited amount of input streams.

Unlimited data handling

Prophea data engine

Propheadata engine is the solution for unlimited, synchronous recording of any kind of sensor data. Propheadata engine, in its standard package, is licensed for seven analysis-specific sensor inputs and can be extended to an unlimited amount of sensor inputs.

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Package for eye tracking

Prophea eye

Propheaeye is the ultimate analyzing software for mobile eye tracking studies. The module works with Ergoneers Dikablis Glasses III eye tracking devices, as well as all Tobii Pro Glasses 3 models. Propheaeye is delivered including Propheadata engine lite for synchronous recording of one mobile eye tracker, one USB- or web-camera, and one microphone. Propheadata engine maximizes the flexibility for multimodal and multi subject studies.

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Package for pattern and object recognition

Prophea autorecog

Propheaautorecog is Ergoneers’ cuttingedge AI-module for object and pattern recognition. Propheaautorecog enables unseen accelerations of insight-generation and improved convenience in workflows using Prophea.X analyzing modules that primarily work on images, such as Propheaeye or Propheavideo. Propheaautorecog in combination with Propheaeye enables fully automated gaze analyses towards static or moving areas of interest without any manual coding or markers.

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