Expanding the spheres
of behavioral research

Prophea.X Data Engine

The next era for holistic
behavioral research

Life is changing at a faster pace than ever before in history. We deliver the insights to prepare for the unknown. Inspired by all human senses, behavioral research for us only works in an entirely holistic way. From consumer-behavior to interaction-, and attention-research. Our software solution Prophea.X is the logic consequence.

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Prophea.X Core features

Multiple subjects

Humans are social. Real-time interaction studies will define a new era of how we understand and explain ourselves. Prophea.X enables you to select, record, and analyze human and autonomous subjects synchronically in any environment: from laboratory settings to real-life, in vehicles, using VR, wirelessly, and open in the field. Prophea.X® is scalable to any number of subjects.

Prophea.X Core features

Multi User

Unified equals easy. Location-independent, Prophea.X features cross-disciplinary real-time collaboration among an infinite number of users, from small teams to entire institutions.

Prophea.X Core features


Prophea.X features absolute compatibility with all sensor and input formats relevant to behavioral research. With seamless real-time data synchronization, Prophea.X stands for absolute compatibility with infinite input sources and hassle-free accuracy from plan to report.

Prophea.X Core features

AI powered

Accelerated by AI Prophea.X reduces turnover times and expands insights through state-of-the-art object and pattern recognition, automated analysis methods, and deep-learning mechanisms.

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