About Ergoneers

Since 2005, Ergoneers Group has been pursuing the path of true invention, continuously pushing the boundaries of behavioral research through holistic data recording and analysis.


Our clients´ mission is our mission

Observe. Simulate. Analyse. Design. Controle. Automate.

Designing means redefining.

Our technology helps to create the future

From human-machine interaction to the invention of new products, processes, and technologies, Ergoneers´ tools for human-centred behavioral research open rich data sources for research facilities and companies on all continents to thrive in our competitive, globalized economies.

Our technology contributes to the development of groundbreaking inventions in healthcare and encourages workplace, road, and transportation safety.

Ergoneers is proud to pursue a path that supports researchers and developers on our common journey towards a more sustainable planet.


The most advanced platform for holistic situation analysis and human behavioral research.

Ergoneers new flagship

Ergoneers Group solidifies its position as an IT leader in behavioral and situation analysis with the introduction of Prophea.X, a truly holistic data processing platform. With a wide range of applications, from simulation- and training-monitoring to interaction and consumer behavior analysis, Prophea.X is capable of lifting the mystery behind human decisions through its unique, holistic nature.

As the latest generation of multi-modal data acquisition and analysis tools, Prophea.X enables unlimited data processing on multiple subjects and unlimited sensor inputs. By using a streamlined architecture and integrating AI-driven pattern recognition and machine learning, Prophea.X significantly reduces the time required for insight generation compared to current standards. Prophea.X opens opportunities for a broad range of new applications based on human behavioral and vital data in relation to environmental factors.

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Ergoneers. Since 2005.

Ergoneers GmbH was founded in 2005 as a spin-off from the Chair of Ergonomics at the Technical University of Munich. Today, the company is an internationally significant partner in the fields of transportation and automotive, market research and usability, science and research, as well as sports and biomechanics, with two locations worldwide in Germany (headquartered near Munich) and the USA, along with numerous distribution partners.

In addition to the development, manufacturing, and distribution of measurement and analysis systems for the study of human behavior and the optimization of human-machine interaction, Ergoneers provides comprehensive expertise in all phases of the study process.

The Ergoneers product range includes, in particular, the 360-degree solution Porphea.X, a comprehensive data collection and analysis platform for user and behavior studies. Its software modules enable the measurement and analysis of data in the areas of eye-tracking, video, audio, physiology, and CAN-bus. Ergoneers also supplies the appropriate hardware for professional eye-tracking in real or virtual environments with the Ergoneers eye-tracking system.