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Depending on your country, Prophea.X is available directly through Ergoneers or through your local distribution partner. For further information, please contact us.

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Prophea.X is made to fit research and industry applications with advanced requirements in human and holistic situation-data recording, processing, and analysis. Prophea.X is designed for universal sensor connectivity.

Expect Absolute data synchronization and automated analysis methods: i.e. multiple 4K video signals, vital data, eye tracking, and CAN BUS data streams.

From transportation and mobility to behavioral research, in the fields of road safety, mental health, performance analysis, and consumer behavior research, Prophea.X is built to be the most holistic platform for sensor data collection and analysis on the market.

Prophea.X as a first in the field, features instant multi-subject and interaction analysis.

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Absolute sensor-input compatibility is at the core of Prophea.X .

By its design, Prophea.X features absolute data format compatibility. For more information on latest hardware integrations, please download our factsheets.

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Any microphone working with Windows can be connected to Prophea.X.

Prophea.X, by default, works with any USB or Windows-capable webcam.
You can use TCP/IP network streams to connect larger groups of audio-visual inputs to Prophea.X.

For further information on Prophea´s connectivity capabilities, please download our factsheets or contact our product specialists.

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No, Prophea.X handles multiple standard 4K video streams in various formats. AI-powered pattern and object recognition can be monitored in real time during recording or applied following the video data allocation.

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Prophea.X features static and dynamic areas of interest.

Users can opt for the precision of Ergoneers custom markers for instant and highest accuracy.

Alternatively, there is the option to define Areas of Interest (AoIs) after collecting eye-tracking data, tailoring the analysis to specific needs.

For detailed information concerning your particular requirements, please contact our product specialists

For detailed information on features and availabilities, download our factsheets.

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We designed Prophea.X for intuitive workflows to ensure a seamless experience from installation to your first report. Focusing on your goals comes first.

Prophea.X runs on Microsoft Windows 11.

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