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News and Posts

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Things are moving quickly

    It is here that we will keep you updated about releases of new modules and where to find the Ergoneers team live at various symposiums and shows around the globe.

    We will give insights into exciting user cases and striking applications of Prophea.X

    Over the next few months, we will also have a look at how Prophea.X came to life and what intentions and experiences the developers of Prophea.X brought together in this exciting era of AI.

    What interests us most is, of course, where this journey can take us all.

    ‘By the faith of our developers and supporters, Prophea.X is an invitation to the world to proceed on the scientific path to turn this planet into a happier, healthier place’.

    Technology in the 21st century has become a very vital part of our everyday lives. Prophea is here to understand human needs and behavior through vital data and the holistic digitalization of all our own human senses.

    With Prophea, for instance, human-state computing through eye tracking analysis can be used to calculate states of alertness, distraction, and concentration.

    With its flexible data engine, Prophea.X, now to be released in its full version, will be a game changer in the entire field of human data processing.

    The Ergoneers customer care and development team is happy to further explain Prophea®´s approach by preparing your first individual consultation or proposal.

    Prophea®´s latest factsheets are available for download

Particularly in multi-subject settings with multi modal requirements Prophea.X is infinitely scalable, while file synchronization will be instant.

Applicable in more fields than possibly imaginable today, we are excited to hear about your research and commercially inspired needs and requirements.

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