Automated evaluation using marker technology

Ergoneers marker technology significantly accelerates the evaluation of eye tracking data. It enables characteristic metrics such as the number, cumulative duration, sum or average of all glances, and many more to be calculated on an Area of Interest (AOI ) at the push of a button.

Thanks to infrared markers, the same automated evaluation can now be used for studies in dark environments (e.g. driving simulator, interior spaces, night driving). Time-consuming frame-by-frame evaluations are now a thing of the past, even in challenging lighting conditions.

Product Highlights

  • Seamlessly integrated with Dikablis eye trackers and D-Lab
  • Power supply or Battery powered (Power supply adapter included)
  • Up to 16 IR-Markers possible
  • Extensive mounting kit included
  • Dimensions: 68 x 70 x 27 mm


Ergoneers’ markers look like QR codes and are transmitted from the eye tracker’s scene camera to the D-Lab measurement and analysis software platform. D-Lab recognizes the markers in real-time and displays red borders around them in both the live view and the recording. AOIs can be linked to the coordinate systems created by markers. Key metrics for the gaze data towards these AOIs can therefore be evaluated automatically. We have developed the IR markers  to ensure that these important features of the system also work under little to no light. The IR markers emit infrared light that is invisible to the human eye, which our software platform D-Lab detects and evaluates accordingly. This makes the IR markers ideal for studies at night or in poor lighting conditions.


  • Automated analysis of eye-tracking studies
  • Automatic calculation of over 25 gaze parameters
  • Studies for training purposes in a simulated environment
  • Real-world studies at night
  • Studies in difficult lighting conditions