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Situational and Environmental Understanding of Human Behavior

Faster and more efficient results with the D-Lab software platform

D-Lab provides integrated acquisition of measurement data over an almost unlimited number of channels including audio, CAN Bus, network data (TCP/IP), eye tracking, physiological sensors, videos, and more. D-Lab records all connected data channels synchronously while offering a range of extensive and automatic evaluation functions. All recorded and analyzed data is also available as raw data, which can be easily exported for further processing. With D-Lab, faster analysis of data is possible from one easy to use platform. This provides researchers the benefit of a holistic view of human behavior.

Ergoneers Hardware for Behavior Research

3rd party sensors for your analysis with D-Lab

Eye tracking and other high-performance hardware for reliable data acquisition

The Dikablis eye tracking system is one of Ergoneers’ core products. Dikablis enables eye tracking for user and behavior studies at the highest level. Thanks to its flexible frame, the eye tracker can be worn over glasses, sunglasses or shutter glasses. The powerful scene camera offers recordings in full HD quality and the pupil cameras are designed to maximize detection in all lighting conditions. Due to its unique design, Dikablis delivers measurement data in the highest resolution and is verifiable at any time in Ergoneers’ software platform for behavior analysis – D-Lab, which enables access to all raw data from Dikablis.

With the Vehicle Testing Kit, Ergoneers offers an intelligent solution for behavioral research in any vehicle or driving simulator. The comprehensive yet compact set transforms any type of vehicle into a mobile laboratory and enables data acquisition at various levels. The standard interfaces for synchronous recording of driver performance and vehicle data such as CAN bus, physiological data, video or eye tracking are easily accessible on the front of the VTK. With the integrated measurement and analysis modules of the D-Lab software platform, all data streams can be measured and analyzed synchronously. The VTK thus offers all the options for conducting vehicle benchmarks or HMI tests easily and effectively.

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    Ergoneers helps organizations to understand behavior with user specific software and hardware solutions. Sectors such as the automotive and supplier industry, retail, research institutes or modern market research in general benefit from our products.